Expert Eloqua consulting and marketing automation services to help you optimize and drive revenue.

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Eloqua Strategy & Design

We develop effective marketing programs to address a broad range of demand generation and lead management objectives.

Tactile Campaign Services

We design, execute, and manage your Eloqua assets including campaigns, emails, forms, and landing pages, to get you the results you need.

Sales Enablement

We help sales teams improve conversion rates, shorten sales cycles, and increase win rates by optimizing your CRM and sales team processes.

Demand Generation and Lead Nurturing

We help B2B companies generate, nurture, and convert leads to revenue using a holistic approach that incorporates strategic expertise, creative flair, and a deep understanding of marketing technology.

  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Content Marketing
  • Responsive Email Design
  • Landing Pages and Form
  • Dynamic Content

What we offer

  • Strategy

  • Campaigns

  • Assets

  • Nurturing

  • Reporting

Demand Generation Strategy

Red Sage Marketing provides a comprehensive suite of demand generation services that span the entire lead lifecycle, from new lead acquisition to lead nurturing and customer marketing. We not only generate measurable, actionable interest in your brand, product or service, but we also help move those prospects along the sales cycle, and then reinforce that customer relationship over time.

Perhaps you’ve been assigned a target number of leads, opportunities, or deals, but aren’t sure of the optimal mix of programs, media, messages, content, or tactics to deploy. We can help. We create comprehensive demand generation plans that get you to your sales and marketing goals in the quickest, cheapest way possible. Along the way, we’ll incorporate cutting edge strategies in online, offline, social media, mobile, and marketing automation.

Marketing Automation Campaign Services

Maybe you have your program strategy defined, but you need bandwidth, creative resources, or strategic counsel on best practices in order to create the most effective marketing automation campaigns possible. Our expert team of marketing automation specialists can design, execute, and manage your demand generation campaigns to get you the results you need. Looking for a better response to Webinar invitations? A way to generate more leads from social media? Creative techniques for leveraging your investment in content like white papers, case studies, and videos? We’ve got the answers.

Eloqua Email Design, Forms & Landing Pages

As B2B email marketing experts, we can help your Eloqua email campaigns stand out, boost opens and click-throughs, and improve the ROI from lead nurturing, event marketing, customer marketing, and other email-based marketing initiatives. Demand Generation is not spam. We organize your outbound strategy to compliment your inbound lead flow. Take conversational marketing to the next level:

- Create triggered and multi-step email campaigns that automatically deepen relationships over time
- Send content to your potential buyers’ inboxes using the latest email deliverability technology
- Send professional-looking emails leveraging best-in-class Eloqua responsive email design
- Send personalized messages on behalf of sales reps; track who opens and clicks on each email


Lead Nurturing and Lead Scoring

Make the most of the leads you have. By implementing a more effective lead nurturing program, you’ll make your sales reps happier, convert more raw inquiries to qualified leads, and improve the ROI from all your demand generation campaigns.

At Red Sage Marketing, we’re experts in utilizing marketing automation technology to create custom tailored lead nurturing programs that help our clients get the most from every lead. We provide a range of lead management services, whether you’re looking for a turnkey, “soup to nuts” solution, strategic consultation, or just a creative resource.

Eloqua Reporting and Analytics

Yes, we are going to report on all this—without invoking paralysis-of-analysis. A mere three reports is all it takes to garner all the info you need as a marketer. Get ready to set your eyes on the greatest tool in marketing reporting… ever. A proven methodology combined with the right technology let us provide:

- The foundation for accurate marketing analytics and forecasting over time
- Ability to forecast revenue from current and future marketing activities
- Easy to highlight metrics that matter to the board and executives
- The power to analyze and quantify your revenue cycle over time



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